MEA Industry Forum

MEA Industry Forum

Meetings and Events Australia recently undertook a review of the format and focus of the Special Interest Groups (SIGS) platform and the value this has been delivering in recent years.

PSome SIGS were more active in some states than others, some only met once a year at the Conference and members have commented about the mixed value across the board.

Whilst MEA supports and encourages the active SIGS to continue their activities, MEA believes by changing the focus and purpose of the SIGS platform at the Conference, we could derive more value for you as a member as well as the association. Under the new platform named MEA INDUSTRY FORUM – the focus will be on key issues that need broader engagement to help inform and then feed back into MEA. MEA would then take all the issues to the relevant bodies to help the industry drive the necessary changes. By doing this we believe that we can drive great change and better engagement to get the results and value our industry needs.

The unique nature of MEA is that we are representative of all the sectors within the industry so rather than the SIGs being specific to each sector, we broaden the discussion to the common issues across the sectors. This will allow for discussion, collaboration and problem solving within our industry.

As a result, on the Sunday at the MEA National Conference, you can join a discussion focused on an issue that you have a genuine interest in and contribute to the discussion and learn from others. The new name to replace the collective “Special Interest Groups” will be MEA Industry Forum (MEA IF)

Please click which Industry Forum you would like to participate in.

Note: Each Forum will be Chaired by a MEA National Board Member and co-chaired by a MEA State or Territory Branch President

  • Event Design and Technology
  • Governance and Ethics
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Sustainability, Risk and Security

MEA2018 Pre-Conference Activities

MEA2018 will offer a range of pre-conference tours and famils for delegates to choose from. These tours and famils will be a perfect way to enhance your MEA2018 experience and give you the chance to see Adelaide and surrounds.

Further information on the tour program will be available in late 2017 and all bookings will be taken via the Conference registration form.

MEA Business Meeting

The first day of the Conference, Sunday 6 May 2018, is an opportunity for MEA members and the industry as a whole to meet and focus on the development of both MEA and the industry as a whole.

A number of meetings will be held on Sunday 6 May including:

  • Brunch with the Branches
  • MEA Committee Meetings
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings
  • Accredited Function (invitation only)
  • First Timers Session

We encourage all delegates to arrive in time to participate in these meetings and make their contribution to growth of their industry association.

There are also rooms available during break-times on the main conference days for groups to hold ad-hoc meetings. Please contact us on if you would like to book a room.

Call For Abstracts

The MEA2018 Program Committee will be inviting abstracts for inclusion in the conference program. Further information on the Call for Abstracts will be available in late 2017.